Niryo ONE

  • Niryo Conveyor Belt (Education Set)


    This conveyor is designed to be used with or without the Niryo One: you have the ability to control it with the Niryo One and/or with our controller module that makes it autonomous.

    Prototype an industrial production line with this autonomous conveyor. Easily reproduce a production line.

  • Niryo One (Display Set)


    Niryo One is a robot arm created for robotic learning. With its three Dynamixel XL servomotors and its NiryoSteppers, it facilitates the learning of robotics in an environment true to the industrial reality: its 6 axis allow it to reproduce all the movements required for the most advanced uses.

  • Niryo One Adaptive Gripper


    With this gripper you can pick objects that are harder to pick with other kind of grippers, ex : round objects, cup of tea, apple, egg.

    You can be sure that the object will be smoothly picked and always in the center of the fingers.

    This gripper is perfect for dealing with fragile items, or when the shape is too uncommon. You can also pick hollow objects on the inside (ex: aluminum tube).

  • Niryo One Electromagnet


    With this tool Niryo One can easily pick and place very small metallic pieces (multiple ones can be picked at the same time), which is very hard with any gripper, because grasping such pieces is not practica

  • Niryo One Large Gripper


    This gripper allows you to pick more larger objects.

    The 2 fingers always stay parallel, which ensure that the object won’t slide forward.

    You can also precisely pick tiny and more distant objects.

  • Niryo One Vacuum Pump


    A vacuum pump is very efficient for fast and reliable pick and place, and allows you to pick some objects that a normal gripper can’t pick. Ex : take out the cover of a flat box, move soda cans from the top, pick and place large objects with a flat surface.

    Most vacuum pumps are making so much noise, you just can’t stand and work near the robot, it is too disturbing. The pump we’ve developed is different : it’s operating silently, with the same efficiency as a vacuum pump, for the same price. A servomotor actuates a syringe which pumps the air out.

    We’ve also made a custom Niryo box for this vacuum pump !

  • Niryo One Vision Set


    The Vision Set will give Ned the capability of detecting objects and selecting the ones to interact with.

    Advanced users, discover the perfect set to work on Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence.