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    ABS 3D filament (1.75mm)


    Premium 1.75mm ABS filament is ideal for 3D printing of detailed solid 3D printed products. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer that is particularly suitable for tools, prototypes and all kinds of utensils.

    We offer a wide variety of ABS of different colors. Please choose the color below.

  • Flexible 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    Flexible Material are similar to PLA, but usually made out of TPE or TPU. The advantage of using these filaments for 3D printing is they allow for the creation of deformable objects, widely used in the fashion industry.

    Generally, these flexible filaments have the same printing characteristics as PLA, though they come in a variety of ranges based on their stiffness. It is worth finding out which type of extruder is best suited to the material to avoid jams when 3D printing.

    Premium Flexible 3D Filament (1.75mm). Weight: 800 gram roll

  • Glow in Dark 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    PLA Filament is a common type of filament for desktop 3D Printers because it is easier to print with and doesn’t require a heat bed. PLA is more brittle than ABS and does not sand or machine as well as ABS does.

  • Marble 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    Marble 3D Filament from Tertiary Robotics Store in Singapore print a marble-like masterpiece. 1000 gram roll

  • PCL 3D Pen


    A PCL 3D Pen is a tool used to create three-dimensional structures by extruding a melted material, typically PCL (polycaprolactone), which quickly cools and solidifies into a solid structure. PCL is a thermoplastic material that is known for its high melting and solidifying temperatures, making it a popular choice for 3D printing.

    The PCL 3D pen operates by heating the PCL material and extruding it through a heated nozzle. As the material is extruded, the user can manipulate it to create the desired shape. The solidified material can then be used to build up structures layer by layer.

  • Pearl Silky Smooth 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    Silky Smooth Filament is made of a Polymer composite PLA material. It has a higher strength and toughness compared to regular PLA and is not brittle. 1kg Roll

  • PETG 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    As strong as ABS and easy to print like PLA, PETG filament finds that sweet spot between the two staples of 3D filament printing. PETG filament has the reputation of combining the functionality of ABS (stronger, temperature resistant, more durable) and reliability of PLA (easy to print) in one material. Reduced potential of warping or shrinking of your prints. Also, you can recycle the material, along with prints and misprints.1kg Roll

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  • PLA 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    PLA has advantages as it is biodegradable, unlike ABS. PLA is manufactured using renewable raw materials such as corn starch. PLA is one of the easiest materials to print, though it does have a tendency to shrink slightly after 3D printing. You don’t require a heated platform when printing in PLA, unlike with ABS. PLA also prints at a lower temperature than ABS, at between 190ºC to 230ºC.  PLA is great for Makerbot printer and most FDM 3D printers.

    We offer a wide variety of PLA of different colors. Please choose the color below.

  • PVA Dissolvable 3D Filament (1.75mm)


    PVA Filament is a water soluble (easily dissolved) material, perfect for use as a support structure. Weight: 500G

  • Thermo Sensitive PLA Filament (1.75mm)


    Thermo Sensitive filaments change colour depending on the heat to which they are exposed. Most of these materials for 3D printing change from 29°C. According to the exposure, the colour changes more or less, and this type of filament returns to its original colour when the temperature is lower (air or water, for example).

  • Tronxy D01 3D Printer


    The Tronxy D01 is a budget-friendly, entry-level 3D printer that is suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. It features a large build volume of 220 x 220 x 250mm, making it possible to print a wide range of objects. The printer is equipped with a high-precision extruder and a stable aluminum frame, ensuring accurate and consistent results. The Tronxy D01 supports a variety of filament types, including ABS, PLA, TPU, and others. It also has a user-friendly touch screen for easy operation and comes with a user-friendly manual for setup and maintenance. With its affordable price and reliable performance, the Tronxy D01 is an excellent choice for those who are new to 3D printing or are looking for a cost-effective solution for their projects.

  • Tronxy Ultrabot 3D Printer


    The Tronxy Ultrabot 3D Printer is a device that allows users to create three-dimensional objects by depositing successive layers of material, such as plastic or resin. It uses a computer-controlled process to create objects with intricate details and precise measurements.

    The Tronxy Ultrabot 3D Printer is equipped with a number of features to ensure efficient and reliable printing. It typically has a large build volume, allowing users to create larger objects or multiple objects at once. It also has a high-resolution printing capability, providing fine details and accuracy in the final product.