Niryo Conveyor Belt (Education Set)

This conveyor is designed to be used with or without the Niryo One: you have the ability to control it with the Niryo One and/or with our controller module that makes it autonomous.

Prototype an industrial production line with this autonomous conveyor. Easily reproduce a production line.

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Main features:

  • Bidirectional drive (forward and backward)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Autonomous
  • Fits in the Niryo One Ecosystem
  • Controlling the conveyor:
    • With Niryo One
    • Connect the conveyor to the Niryo One
    • Choose your programming method
      (Niryo One Studio, Python API…)
    • You are ready to control the production line.
    • Optional : Mount the photoelectric switch on the conveyor
      Connect it to the Niryo One
    •  Independently
      • Connect the controller module to the motor
      • Plug the power supply in
      • The conveyor is working in autonomy.
  • Use the variator to adjust the direction and the speed
  • Optional : Mount the photoelectric switch on the conveyor
  • Connect it to the controller module

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