Obstacle Avoidance Robot Car Kit

Everyone loves mobile robot :) This is a mobile robot kit based on Maker UNO(Arduino UNO compatible). You can learn electronics, sensors, microcontroller and coding all at once, not to forget having fun too!

The kit comes in loose parts, so you will need to assemble it, but no soldering is needed. What's so special about this mobile robot kit is it has ultrasonic sensor  where you can program it for obstacle detection and perform obstacle avoidance. And we have prepared the steps for you to assemble it and sample sketch based on Arduino for your robot to avoid bumping into obstacle while navigating.

With the beginner friendly Maker UNO as the controller, everyone can build and program this mobile robot.


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To make life even easier, we have prepared:


  • Mobile Robot Kit
  • Controller: Maker UNO
  • Motor Driver: Maker Drive dual channel DC brush motor driver
  • Power both controller and motor with 4 x AA battery, with battery holder too
  • Comes with Ultrasonic sensor, for obstacle avoidance
  • Open source example code, free to modify and learn coding
  • Acrylic mobile robot base with many more space for prototyping
  • Two "TT" motor with wheel, for differentiate drive
  • Robust caster

robot chassis

Specification of the Mechanical Parts:

  • Chassis size: ~215mm x ~150mm
  • Wheel Diameter: 67mm
  • Castor Height: 34mm
  • Motor parameters:
    • Gear Ratio = 48:1
    • Speed with 66mm diameter wheel = 0.65 m/s at 7.2VDC
    • Recommended operating voltage: 5 - 10VDC
    • Noise level < 65dB
    • Current Consumption: 120 mA each motor (running at 6V)

Packing List:

  • 1 x 2 wheel Smart Robot Car Chassis
  • 1 x Maker UNO
  • 1 x  Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver for Beginner
  • 1 x 40 ways Male to Female Jumper Wire
  • 1 x 40 ways Male to Male Jumper Wire
  • 4 x 10mm PCB stand S/S
  • 2 x 20mm PCB stand S/S
  • 2 x 30mm PCB stand S/S
  • 1 x GP 4 x AA Supercell battery
  • 2 x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1 x 4xAA battery holder
  • 1 x USB Micro B cable
  • 1 x Breadboard Mini (35mmx42mm), random color

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