Maker UNO Edu Kit (Arduino Compatible)

On top of the features that comes with Maker UNO (12 LEDs, 1 speaker & 1 push button), this starter kit includes a Maker UNO, USB micro-B cable for power and USB connection, a small breadboard and other component for experiments to learn electronics and coding. Digital output using LEDs & driving a small motor, Digital input using push button, Analog input with potentiometer, LDR for light detection and more. It also comes in a nice plastic box to keep all your things.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Maker UNO
  • 1 x USB Micro B Cable
  • 3 x LED 5mm Red
  • 3 x LED 5mm Yellow
  • 3 x LED 5mm Green
  • 1 x Breadboard (Small)
  • 1 x 40 Ways Male to Male Jumper Wire
  • 10 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (220R)
  • 5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (1K)
  • 5 x Resistor 0.25W 5% (10K)
  • 1 x LDR (Small)
  • 1 x Transistor 2N2222
  • 1 x Finger Adjust Preset 10K
  • 1 x 3V Miniature Brush Motor w/o Gear
  • 1 x DIY 4 Blades 56mm Motor Propeller (Blue)
  • 1 x Plastic Box
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Feature Projects:

Kids like music and lighting because they are fun. School teachers always try their best to embed fun elements into their classes to get their students' attention and to keep them engaged in the lesson. Here we introduce some simple but fun projects that can be easily built using only Maker UNO. We share the source codes so that you can try them at home


 Maker UNO is fully compatible with Arduino. You can share the same library and code. We put in 12x LEDs, 1x piezo buzzer and 1x programmable button on the Maker UNO. We have removed the DC jack power input socket as most of the boards used in classes are powered using USB. We have also replaced the ATmega16u2 with CH340 to bring down the cost.



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