• Nano I/O Expansion Sensor Shield Module (for Arduino UNO R3/ Nano V3.0)


    The Nano I/O Expansion Sensor Shield Module acts as a breakout board for the Arduino Nano microcontroller. There are several different options for power input and the footprint of this board is the same as the Arduino Duemilanove. In addition, each pinout includes 5V and GND pins for easy connection to sensors or servos. The unit comes fully assembled.
    Arduino Nano IO Expansion Shield is specifically designed to facilitate an easy connection between Arduino Nano and many other devices. In essence, it expands the Arduino Nano controller to link those devices in a simple and trouble-free manner.

  • Resistors(220Ω-1MΩ)


    resistors is a passive electronic component used to control the flow of electric current in a circuit.  A resistor can be used in a variety of applications, including voltage divider circuits, current limiting, and circuit protection. The resistor has a small and compact design, making it suitable for use in a wide range of electronic projects and applications.

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    Soldering Iron Kit


    A Soldering Iron Kit is a tool set used for soldering, a process of joining two metal pieces by heating them to a temperature where they melt and flow together. A soldering iron is the main tool in the kit and is used to heat the metal pieces. The kit typically includes other tools such as a stand for the soldering iron, a sponge for cleaning the tip of the iron, and a variety of soldering wire to suit different applications.