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  • Ned Niryo


    We are the official distributor of Niryo Ned in Singapore

    Niryo Ned is a new generation of 6-axis collaborative robot based on open-source technologies designed for Education, Professional Training and Research.

    With the Niryo One, many schools have been able to offer their students to learn Robotics and industry 4.0 directly with a 6-axis robot, open-source and similar in design to industrial robots. The Niryo One is also used in many Research & Development laboratories to test new uses of collaborative robotics.

    Meet now its successor, Ned, which has many improvements.

  • NiryoOne (Display Set)

    Original price was: $3,139.20.Current price is: $1,255.68.

    The Niryo One (Display Set) is a comprehensive kit designed for educational purposes, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists. The kit includes all the necessary components for assembling and operating a 6-axis robotic arm, including a Niryo One robot arm, a display set, a power supply, and a micro-USB cable. The Niryo One robot arm is a versatile and open-source robot that can be used for a wide range of applications, including automation, material handling, and research. The display set, which includes an OLED screen and control buttons, allows users to control the robot arm and monitor its status. The kit is designed to be easy to assemble and use, making it an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning about robotics and automation.

  • TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi ROS Robot


    The TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi robot by Robotis is a powerful little robot for exploring ROS (Robot Operating System), bigger than the other flavor Burger.

    The TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi robot is an extended version with a high payload and additional sensors. Compact, modular, programmable and new generation mobile robot. Explore the ROS operating system and create interesting uses for training, research and development.

    The TurtleBot3 Waffle Pi robot includes some premium features: better computing, more sensing and more powerful Dynamixel servos.