How do I read the color code of a 470 Ohm resistor?

  1. Resistors typically have color bands that indicate their resistance value through a color coding system. To read the color code of a 470 Ohm resistor:
  • Identify the tolerance band: The tolerance band is usually a gold or silver band and indicates the permissible deviation in the resistor’s resistance value.
  • Read the first three color bands: These bands represent the significant digits of the resistance value. Each color corresponds to a specific number.
  • Calculate the resistance value: Assign a numerical value to each color according to the color code chart. Combine the first three digits and multiply them by a factor based on the color of the fourth band (multiplier band) to determine the resistance value.

For example, if the first three color bands are yellow, violet, and brown, and the fourth band is gold, the resistance value is 47 x 10^1 Ohms, which equals 470 Ohms.

Remember to double-check the color code chart or use a multimeter to verify the resistance value if you are uncertain about the color bands on the resistor.