How do I assemble the 2 Wheels Robot Car Kit without Chassis?

a. Gather the components: Check the contents of the kit and ensure you have all the required parts. b. Prepare the chassis: As there is no pre-built chassis, you need to design and create your own. This can be done using materials like acrylic sheets, wood, or even 3D-printed parts. c. Mount the motors: Attach the motorized wheels to the chosen chassis, ensuring they are securely fixed. d. Install the motor controllers: Connect the motor controllers to the motors and the microcontroller board following the provided instructions or the datasheets. e. Connect the sensors and other electronic components: Depending on your project’s needs, integrate sensors like ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, or cameras to the microcontroller board. f. Program the microcontroller: Write or upload the appropriate code to the microcontroller, allowing the robot to perform the desired functions. g. Power up and test: Power on the robot, test the functionality, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.