BBC micro:bit the quickest and easiest way for children to get going with the BBC micro:bit.

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. We offer various BBC micro:bit products here.

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  1. Micro:Bit V2 Single
  2. Micro:Bit v2 Club
  3. BBC Micro:Bit Complete Set (No Packaging)
  4. BBC Micro:Bit Go Starter Kit
    Out of stock
  5. BBC Micro:Bit 10 Starter Kits Bundle
  6. Alligator Clips (Pack of 10)
  7. Edge Connector Breakout Board for BBC micro:bit - Pre-built
  8. MeArm Robot Micro:Bit Kit
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  9. Micro:Bit Maqueen Educational Programming Robot Car Platform

9 Items

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Set Descending Direction