• L298N Two-Channel Mini DC Motor Driver


    The L298N 2 Channel Mini DC Motor Driver is a compact and versatile device used to control the speed and direction of two DC motors. It is based on the L298N motor driver IC, which can handle up to 2 amps of current per channel.

    The L298N motor driver integrates two full H-bridges, allowing for independent control of two DC motors. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including robotics, DIY projects, and more. The driver is equipped with a set of input pins that allow for controlling the speed and direction of the motors. It also has an enable pin for each channel, which can be used to turn the motor on and off.

  • Two-Channel Low Level Trigger Power 5V Relay Module


    This two channels Relay Module can be used to control the lighting, electrical and other equipments through the digital IO port. The digital input circuit is optically isolated from the relay, so your controller is protected from voltage spikes and surges. The module is controlled with 5V signal and they are pre-soldered. A logic “LOW” to the control pin will turn the relay ON. Features – 2 independently controlled relays – 5V TTL Digital interface – On-board back EMF protection – Opto-isolated inputs – LED indicator for each channel – Contact Rating (Resistive Load):10A 250VAC Documents: Schematic Dimensions: 50.8(L) x 39.3(W) x 19.3(H)mm Weight: 30g