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    MeArm Robot Arduino Kit - Orange
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    MeArm Robot Arduino Kit


    Enter the world of Robotics Engineering with the MeArm robot arm kit for micro:bit. An easy build kit for ages 11 & up, supplied with all parts/tools.

    The MeArm Arduino Compatible Kit version is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that’s designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. It’s been expressly designed to be easy to build (age 11+) and use.

    At its heart is the Arduino Compatible ESP 8266 WiFi board. This board is a low power board designed specifically for IoT applications that has an on-board Arduino IDE and WiFi. This means that you can create code in any Arduino compatible editor, drop it onto the board and get going straight away and with no additional boards required. Build ‘n’ Play!

  • Ned2 : Robotic Arm for Education


    Ned2 : robotic arm for education

    Ned2 is a six-axis collaborative robot, based on open-source technologies. It is intended for education, research and Industry 4.0. Ned’s successor, Ned2, is more robust and has multiple improvements to allow users to go even further in learning of collaborative robotics, thanks to an improved Human-Machine interaction.

  • Niryo NED


    We are the official distributor of Niryo Ned in Singapore

    Niryo Ned is a new generation of 6-axis collaborative robot based on open-source technologies designed for Education, Professional Training and Research.

    With the Niryo One, many schools have been able to offer their students to learn Robotics and industry 4.0 directly with a 6-axis robot, open-source and similar in design to industrial robots. The Niryo One is also used in many Research & Development laboratories to test new uses of collaborative robotics.

    Meet now its successor, Ned, which has many improvements.

  • Niryo One Adaptive Gripper


    With this gripper you can pick objects that are harder to pick with other kind of grippers, ex : round objects, cup of tea, apple, egg.

    You can be sure that the object will be smoothly picked and always in the center of the fingers.

    This gripper is perfect for dealing with fragile items, or when the shape is too uncommon. You can also pick hollow objects on the inside (ex: aluminum tube).

  • Niryo One Electromagnet


    With this tool Niryo One can easily pick and place very small metallic pieces (multiple ones can be picked at the same time), which is very hard with any gripper, because grasping such pieces is not practica

  • Niryo One Large Gripper


    This gripper allows you to pick more larger objects.

    The 2 fingers always stay parallel, which ensure that the object won’t slide forward.

    You can also precisely pick tiny and more distant objects.

  • Niryo One Vacuum Pump


    A vacuum pump is very efficient for fast and reliable pick and place, and allows you to pick some objects that a normal gripper can’t pick. Ex : take out the cover of a flat box, move soda cans from the top, pick and place large objects with a flat surface.

    Most vacuum pumps are making so much noise, you just can’t stand and work near the robot, it is too disturbing. The pump we’ve developed is different : it’s operating silently, with the same efficiency as a vacuum pump, for the same price. A servomotor actuates a syringe which pumps the air out.

    We’ve also made a custom Niryo box for this vacuum pump !

  • OpenManipulator-X


    The OpenManipulator has full hardware compatibility with TurtleBot3​, and allows users to control it more easily by linking with the MoveIT! package. Even if you do not have a real robot, you can control the robot in the Gazebo simulator​.

    OpenManipulator is composed by Dynamixel X series and 3D printing parts. Dynamixel has a modular form and adopts daisy chain method. This allows users to easily change and add joints for some torque and degree of freedom they need