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    Electromagnet – Ned2


    An electromagnet, also known as Ned2, is a type of magnet that uses electricity to produce a magnetic field. Electromagnets are made by winding a wire around a core, such as a piece of iron, and running an electrical current through the wire. This creates a magnetic field around the core, which can be turned on and off by controlling the flow of electricity. Electromagnets are used in a variety of applications, including electric motors, generators, and relays, as well as in scientific and medical equipment. They offer several advantages over permanent magnets, including the ability to produce a much stronger magnetic field and the ability to control the magnetic field with a simple switch. The “Ned2” designation likely refers to a specific brand or model of electromagnet.

  • Niryo NED Vision Set


    The Vision Set will give to the Niryo Ned the capability of detecting objects and selecting the ones to interact with

    Advanced users, discover the perfect set to work on Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence