• Four-Channel Low Level Trigger Power 5V Relay Module


    This four channels Relay Module can be used to control the lighting, electrical and other equipments through the digital IO port. The digital input circuit is optically isolated from the relay, so your controller is protected from voltage spikes and surges. The module is controlled with 5V signal and they are pre-soldered. A logic “LOW” to the control pin will turn the relay ON.

  • One Channel Relay


    The One Channel relay module is suitable for SCM development, home appliance control. It is with 5V~12V TIL control signal which can control DC / AC signal. The module is perfect for common Arduino application. Useful to control a motor, a led strip, or any other module using Arduino. How to use it: Just connect a digital output of your Arduino to your relay module, and you can control a power-demanding appliance with the digital signal provided by your Arduino.