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    Ned2 Electromagnet


    An electromagnet, also known as Ned2, is a type of magnet that uses electricity to produce a magnetic field. Electromagnets are made by winding a wire around a core, such as a piece of iron, and running an electrical current through the wire. This creates a magnetic field around the core, which can be turned on and off by controlling the flow of electricity. Electromagnets are used in a variety of applications, including electric motors, generators, and relays, as well as in scientific and medical equipment. They offer several advantages over permanent magnets, including the ability to produce a much stronger magnetic field and the ability to control the magnetic field with a simple switch. The “Ned2” designation likely refers to a specific brand or model of electromagnet.

  • NiryoOne Electromagnet


    The Niryo One Electromagnet is a type of electromagnet that is used in industrial and educational applications. It is a part of the Niryo One robotic arm, which is designed to be an accessible and user-friendly platform for learning and experimentation in the fields of robotics and automation. The electromagnet is used in the Niryo One system to grip and manipulate objects, allowing the arm to perform a wide range of tasks and applications. The electromagnet features high magnetic strength and precision control, making it a versatile tool for various industrial and educational applications. Furthermore, the Niryo One system is open-source and modular, allowing users to easily customize and expand the capabilities of the robotic arm. In this way, the Niryo One Electromagnet represents a unique and innovative solution for those looking to explore and experiment with robotics and automation.