• H-bridge Stepper Motor Dual DC Motor Driver Controller Board HG7881


    The HG7881 H-Bridge Stepper Motor Dual DC Motor Driver Controller Board is a versatile motor control board designed to drive both stepper motors and DC motors. It uses an H-bridge configuration to control the direction and speed of the connected motors. The HG7881 is capable of driving motors that require up to 40 volts and 3 amps of current, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It features a compact design, with a size of only 40 x 40 mm, and can be easily integrated into a variety of projects.

  • L298N Two-Channel Mini DC Motor Driver


    The L298N 2 Channel Mini DC Motor Driver is a compact and versatile device used to control the speed and direction of two DC motors. It is based on the L298N motor driver IC, which can handle up to 2 amps of current per channel.

    The L298N motor driver integrates two full H-bridges, allowing for independent control of two DC motors. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including robotics, DIY projects, and more. The driver is equipped with a set of input pins that allow for controlling the speed and direction of the motors. It also has an enable pin for each channel, which can be used to turn the motor on and off.

  • Metal DC-021, DC jack, DC power socket interface, 5.5-2.1MM DC-005


    The Metal DC-021, also known as a DC jack or DC power socket interface, is a device used to connect a power source to an electronic device. It has a 5.5mm outer diameter and a 2.1mm inner diameter, making it compatible with a variety of power sources. The metal construction makes it durable and reliable, ensuring stable and safe power connections for your devices. The compact size of the DC jack makes it easy to integrate into your electronics projects.