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    MeArm Robot Classic Maker Kit


    Enter the world of Robotics Engineering with the MeArm robot arm Classic Maker Kit. An easy build kit for ages 11 and up is supplied with all parts and tools.

    The MeArm Classic Maker Kit version is an easy-to-build robot arm kit that’s designed to get children (and adults!) learning about technology, engineering and programming. It’s been expressly designed to be easy to build (age 11+) and use.

    The classic version of the MeArm is a blank canvas insomuch that you can use any control board you desire, without having to remove a pre-installed board first. There are a lot of micro-controllers out there and if you have a favourite that our variants don’t cater for, then this is the version for you! It also gives you the freedom to use any type of arm control that will connect to your board, be that joystick, keypad, levers, or sliding potentiometer.