AR/VR/XR for Kids

We have a variety of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) workshops for parents and children during school holiday.

  • Create Augmented Reality Apps for Kids (8 Sessions)


    Augmented Reality (AR) delivers visual elements, sound and other sensory information to the user through a device like a smartphone or glasses. This information is overlaid onto the device to create an interwoven experience where digital information alters the user’s perception of the real world. The overlaid information can be added to an environment or mask part of the natural environment.

    This course will introduce AR to kids by creating a series of AR mini-apps using metaverse studdio.

    Course Schedule

    • No of Sessions: 8 (4 weeks)
    • Duration Per Session : 1.5 hrs (7pm to 8:15pm)
    • Start on beginning of every month  – Monday and Tuesday
    • Platform: Zoom (preferred) or Face-to-Face
    • Class size: 1 to 5 pax
    • Age Group: 16 years old and above

    If you are keen, you can register your interest first. We will send you the payment link once the class is confirmed.

    Course Code: K1342