Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking Courses for Kids

  • Develop Computational Thinking through Programming for Kids (4 Sessions)


    Computational thinking is the process of problem solving which involves formal reasoning, logic and algorithmic thinking. Students will develop computational thinking through the processes of problem analysis, and the design and development of solutions for a variety of given problem situations.

    Students will be introduced to a scenario in which they have to identify the problem and respond by designing and creating solutions using Scratch.Scratch is an effective computational thinking tools because it is easy for students to begin (low floor) allows them to go deeper into more complex programming over time (high ceiling) and supports diverse range of projects (wide walls)

    Students will use flowcharts to think through how they can decompose the problem into parts and identify what is important. In the process, students will learn the following key concepts of computational thinking

    1. Problem decomposition (break task into smaller  parts),
    2. Algorithmic thinking (create series of ordered steps to solve a problem),
    3. Evaluation (critique the different solutions),
    4. Generalisation (identify errors and refine script).

    MOE will introduce computational thinking and coding to all upper primary students (Primary 4 to 6) from 2020 onwards, So jumpstart your kids with computational thinking through Scratch programming..

    Course Schedule

    • No of Sessions: 4 (4 weeks)
    • Duration Per Session : 1.5 hrs (7pm to 8:30pm)
    • Start on beginning of every month, Tues
    • Class Size: 5-10 pax
    • Min Pax: 5 kids
    • Age Group: 9-12 years old

    If you are keen, you can register your interest first. We will send you the payment link once the class is confirmed.

    Course Code: K1099