Lead-free Solder Wire, 0.5mm Diameter, 227°C, 250g

Flux Type: No Clean and Rosin Flux

Solder Alloy: 99.3, 0.7 Sn, Cu

External Diameter - Metric: 0.5mm

Melting Temperature: 227°C

Weight: 250g

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The 812040 is a 0.5mm 99.7/0.7 grade Lead-free Solder Wire, made of Sn and Cu alloy. It is designed for users who require a halide free formulation. The remaining products in the range contain higher halide levels to maximize soldering power. This is also applicable to repair operations carried out after a cleaning process, eliminating the need for further cleaning. The solid flux is based on modified rosins and carefully selected activators. In use this exhibit a mild rosin odour and leave a small quantity of clear residue. Flux cored wire contains a careful balance of resins and activators to provide clear residues, maximum activity and high residue reliability, without cleaning in most situations. This flux cored solder wire provides fast soldering on copper and brass surface as well as solder coated materials. Activity of the halide activated versions on nickel is also good depending on the state of oxidation of the nickel finish.
  • Halide-free version - Type 400
  • Fast soldering - Range of activities to suit all applications
  • Good spread on copper, brass and nickel
  • Heat stable, low spitting
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